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Month: May 2017

Beat The Heat With This Pocket-friendly And Eco-friendly Remedy!

Beat The Heat With This Pocket-friendly And Eco-friendly Remedy!


Today global warming has turned the earth into a giant furnace. With the average temperature increasing rapidly, the struggle to keep oneself cool is also getting tough. Installing expensive air conditioners seem to be the only option when you can afford to pay the subsequent electricity bills but shouldn’t CFC-emitting Air Conditioners be blamed for the current environmental crisis? This puts us in the never-ending vicious cycle where we are forced to use things that are a cause of our present situation. Hence, we need something that is not only pocket-friendly but also eco-friendly as well. Thus, we have portable evaporative coolers to beat the heat without damaging environment.

How does it Work?

Efficient 12 volt portable air cooler system works on a simple principle that water takes heat from its surroundings to get evaporated. This means that in low humid surroundings, portable evaporative cooler works in two folds. Firstly, water consumes some of the surrounding heat to get evaporated. Secondly, the cooler humidifies air with evaporated water to further lower the temperature by pushing warmer air out of the windows. This machine can help in bringing down the temperature by 15-40 degree Fahrenheit. Portable evaporative cooling is excellent for locations that have low humidity and good ventilation system in the building since warm air needs to be let out.

Benefits of Installing Evaporative Coolers

The main advantage of having a portable evaporative cooler system is that it is easy on the pocket. Installation charges of such coolers are one-half less than the installation of an air conditioner and one-quarter less in energy consumption. Also, these coolers cause no harm to the environment as there is no unhealthy by-product formation because of the use of only water as the cooling agent.


Evaporative coolers need regular maintenance. Care must be taken to avoid any mosquito breeding and algae growth in the water reservoirs in coolers. The cooler pads must be cleaned every two to three weeks to avoid any bacteria growth. Similarly, the filter and the reservoir must also be cleaned. The number of times one needs to clean these increases with the use. If the cooler is not in use then keep it clean and don’t let any water stagnation in it.


Evaporative coolers are incompatible with very hot climate since they are incapable of cooling the room to temperatures as low as an Air Conditioner. Also, they are not suitable for humid climate since they add to the humidity. They also become less effective if they are kept in a shade and since they require water, they are not suitable for places having a limited water supply.