Do-It-Yourself Emergency Survival Kit

Do-It-Yourself Emergency Survival Kit

Like many other countries, New Zealand known as a peaceful country do go through some natural hazards once in a while, mostly earthquakes to be exact. But no matter what comes in the way, we need to be prepared for it and this is why you need a survival kit ready at hand.

If you don’t exactly have the time and if the cost doesn’t really count, then you can buy a readymade 72 hour earthquake survival kit NZ and add your personal items to it (like your medications and etc.). But of course, if you like to have your very own kit you can put all your things together and also save around $200 at the same time. Here are the things you need to have packed: 

Food and water

You’ll be needing enough food for 72 hours at leas and of course the amount depends on how many people you are making the earthquake emergency kit to, whether it is a one/ two person kit or a family kit. Have boxes of energy bars stacked in your kit and make sure they aren’t non-fat or anything, since you’re trying to survive by eating here and more the amount of calories there are the less risk of you starving for a while. Also make sure they have carbs as well. Make sure you keep an eye on their expiration dates and that you don’t eat it out of the pantry randomly.You could also try packing dried hiker meals, get your camp stove with a pot, lamp and a lighter. If the emergency situation prevails for over 72 hours, have some canned food a can opener stored as well. And of course you will also need to have a gas tank stored with it.

If you have pets, make sure to have their food stored as well, and like I said before, keep an eye on the expiration dates.

As for the water, the best option is to have iodine tablets with you since you may not be sure how much water you will need to store. But that doesn’t mean you don’t store water either, have a couple of water bottles stacked up. Do remember when it comes to water, we aren’t just talking about drinking but for other use as well. Therefore, make sure to fil your basins and have your bath tubs filled in as well.

Shelter during an evacuation

If you are to evacuate from your place during a situation and you are to find shelter, you could try a tent and sleeping bags. Of course, if you are a hiker, you might already have these things with you. In addition have some extra blankets as well.

In addition to all of this, make sure you have a pocket radio, one with battery so you can have news on the weather from time to time and a couple of battery, a flashlight, the emergency whistle and of course as to sanitation, toilet papers and baby wipes would be very helpful, a garbage bag (large) and of course sanitary napkins as well. A small first aid kid is also necessary and make sure to include your personal medications as well. If you do have a space, you could try packing an extra clothing for each family member.

Don’t wait until the last moment to get it packed. Start working on it now itself, the hazards don’t tell you when it’s coming.

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