Flaws In The Education System

Flaws In The Education System

The truth is that the current education system around the world is lacking and most children do not learn much from their twelve long year’s ion school that they can use in their adult lives. The school system is such that all children are treated as equal and trained in the same curriculum and expected to reach their peaks in the subjects that the school and the government dictates they should. This is however equivalent to teaching a cat, a dog, a fish, a bird and a lion to climb a tree and expecting each of them to do equally well at it.

Enrolling your child in extracurricular activities

As a parent, it is your duty to fix this and help your child to explore her own talents. It is vital that you are not hard on your child when she brings home her report card because the examinations in school and the education at school is not by any standard a measure of your child’s true intelligence. Of course, your child will need to pass their examination in mathematics and science but this does not mean that your child is required to have very high results in all subjects given by the school. You can help your child to explore her talents by looking for a pair of shoes and enrolling her in a dance class and then, buying her paints and art supplies to help her explore her artistic talents. At some point, your daughter is going to fall in love with something and realize that this is her true calling.

You should be able to buy dance wear at any hobby store. It is important for you to let your child lead the way and make her own decisions about the path that she wants to follow. The important thing is to let her explore different hobbies, different crafts and different paths in life until she finds her own passion.

A simple fact that the government and the education system does not seem to understand is that each child is different and that each child possesses different abilities and different talents which means that every child may not excel in mathematics or science. The sad fact is that the school system will treat a child differently and will treat a child as unintelligent will they do not excel in the subjects that are dictated by the school but they will not give the child the opportunity to explore their talents and find their strengths.

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