Inculcate The Love For Learning When Their Small

Inculcate The Love For Learning When Their Small

Unlike the past, when hobbies were reading, gardening, stamp collecting etc. if you ask a modern day 05-year-old his/her hobby, it would often be either, playing video games or watching You tube videos online. With technology invading the human civilization, it has created an information encyclopedia within the four walls that you have being surrounded by. Modern kids have a high tendency to become anti-social and not engage in outdoor activities. They tend to suffer from various mental stress and digital phobia. As parents and adults, it is our responsibility to prevent further destructions that can ruin our younger generations.

Reading as a habit

Little children love it when their parents or a known adult could tell them stories or read a book for them. This is most desired when the child is at a very young age. When an adult reads different genres of good story books, a child will improve its imagination in different areas and have an urge to learn and hear more new stories. At times, if a book is preferred more by a child, he/she will not mind listening to it a second time. After a few years, when the child is bigger he will create a habit of reading books at any time of the day. Reading is one way to improve one’s literacy level as well as the fluency in the language.

Having fun while learning

Often learning is a very boring task. To learn something would be that you must focus your mind on something. The need for a pen and paper would be required always. Over the years people have tried their best to join fun with learning by using extra-ordinary methods. Most have worked while some are not used that often. People have come up with games that would improve a child’s strategic thinking ability while having fun. In the same time the are many crossword puzzles introduced that have being successful among children. When something is made just for you will be attracted to it no matter the level of excitement it possesses. Making 1 year old birthday gifts are one such way to win a child’s heart. A main advantage of having such puzzles is that it could be made for different subjects, such as animals, food, adjectives, etc. Encouraging our children to occupy themselves in non-digital devices from a very young age would help them learn more about life and other aspects. It is our duty to be firm and limit our kids from using mobile devices that have destructive information that could affect little minds in a negative way. Such devices should be handed to them at an age that they can clearly identify right from wrong.

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